Asuf Ishaq   

HD Film
16 minutes

In my recent film ‘Mother’, I explore the back story of a fifty year old photograph of my mother, and draw out memories and thoughts. I move through spaces, gathering up histories and memories that are lost or covered over in the movement of displacement, and begin to produce new knowledge. I explore the photograph with my mother, and involve her in my practice, a space where we normally would not overlap. I sensually explore both the surface of skin and of the photograph, untangling my mothers memories and thoughts. Bright space of the virtual environment, my reality, where the photograph is in the process of being restored. Photograph is a transitional and a transnational object, objects can be considered as any external object that a person partially incorporates in the process. Different times and spaces are explored, similar position in the house where the wall is always present and standing. Just as my mothers faith and pray, always solid as the wall and constant in her life, which has got her through difficult times.